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If you are a fan of gelatos, Mama Mia! is a one stop destination for you. Located in various location of Kolkata like City Centre 2 Mall, Ballygunge, Chinar park and others, this is a must visit for all the dessert lovers. In addition to the wonderful collection of gelatos, Mama Mia! also specialises in  cheesecakes, mousse and cakes. Coupled with their beautiful presentation, every item on their menu is worth.

Since we are talking about the dishes of such an awesome dessert parlour, we might as well as dig into a bit of history. Mama Mia! pioneered the concept of gelato in India in 2005. In contrast to the traditional ice- cream, gelato has lower fat contest and is made from the best of the natural ingredients. It is an Italian counterpart of ice-cream, which contains less air and hence it is denser and more creamy. In view of its lower fat content, it becomes a go to option for those fitness freaks who want a cheat dessert day without feeling guilty. Mama Mia! claims that their Gelatos contains about 40-60% less than regular ice-cream and their sorbets are 100% fat free. Regardless of their claims, they let their products do their talking.

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Zomato delivery review –

So one night I was feeling a bit low and wanted to have something sweet and gooey and soft and delicious and a bit cold. So we ordered a Black Forest Mousse Jar and a Blueberry Cheesecake Jar from the Chinar Park outlet.

The jar cakes were delivered within half an hour, so thumbs up for quick delivery.

Firstly ,Coming to the packaging, I was thoroughly impressed. Given that it was around 1 o’clock in the night, I wasn’t expecting such a top notch quality in terms of the packaging. The two jars cakes came inside a cardboard box along with two tissue papers having the signature of Mama Mia! . Seeing that the jar cakes still cold and in a great condition, a smile lit up my face. Kudos to the Mama Mia! team for the usage of zero plastic.

Second , coming to the jar cakes –

1.      The black forest mousse jar was a delight to look at. The soft chocolate sponge was stacked in between layers of lush vanilla mousse and cherries topped with chocolate flakes. Indeed, it was heavenly to look at, but it tasted like pure bliss. The chocolate sponge was soft and airy and greatly complimented the subtle flavours of light vanilla mousse. The tartness of the cherries cuts through the sweetness of the cake and makes it a delight to have. I can never have enough of that super fluffy mousse!

2.      The blueberry cheesecake is a class of its own. A take on the classic blueberry cheesecake, this jar cake consists of a tart cheesy base on a Graham Cracker crush topped with blueberry Coulis. One look at this jar cake and you are sure to be excited to delve deeper into its flavours. Nevertheless it does justify its name and looks. The tart and sweet combination of this cake is sure to be a hit amongst dessert lovers who wants a little bit of flavour other than sweetness in their dish. The crust was perfect; crumbly and a hint of saltness to it. Not to mention about the bite size pieces of blueberries which complimented the heaviness of the cream cheese.

Both the jars came at a price of Rs. 165 each, which some people may find a bit on the costlier side. However the taste and looks of the jar cakes clearly justifies the price paid.


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