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Pride Walk of Kolkata – A walk for the society to live free

Pride is a word that defines Kolkata. The Kolkata Pride Walk or the Kolkata Rainbow Pride Walk is one of the oldest pride walks in India and South Asia, being one of the oldest pride walks in the country was first organized in Kolkata on the 2nd of July 1999, at that time it was known as the Friendship Walk currently the Pride Walk of Kolkata.

It is organized by the Kolkata Rainbow Pride Festival KRPC. The main motive behind the pride walk was Equality and Tolerance, Love and solidarity irrespective of gender, sexuality, religion, etc. Along with child rights, women’s rights, rights of disappeared, student groups, and others

Standing in 2024 Pride Walk portrays some essential thoughts the society keeps hidden & need to be explored and solved.

  • The Pride Walk of Kolkata is a platform that gives many humans especially transgender to portray themselves and build a positive existence in society, to break the thinking of society that there exist only two genders male and female, the main motive behind this walk in 2023 is for gender equality along with sexual equality also.
  • Anyone participating in this Pride Walk of Kolkata will never feel alone, it’s a platform where you can make new friends, a platform in Kolkata that will never judge you it’s a platform that will make you feel that everyone is together here
  • Pride Walk of Kolkata portrays that if you have a talent then gender doesn’t matter what matters is the talent and how you showcase it
  • This Pride Walk of Kolkata portrays the glamor the glory of the people participating here

The journey of the Pride Walk from 1999 till 2023

Since the initiation of the friendship walk formally known as the pride walk of kolkata there were hardly any people who participated in this friendship walk with yellow t-shirts and graphical food stamps with the motto “walk on the rainbow”. But as time passed by the media coverage credited the news rapidly which in turn gained a positive impact over the Pride Walk where participants in this walk got a lot more support from other countries too.
Suddenly after 1999, the pride walk was paused then again started in June 2003. Rafik Ul Haque Dowhaj ranjan reframed the idea of the pride walk in Kolkata and it started again. Now it was organized by the integration society and several other groups on its first March. It gained around 50 people in Park Street Maidan and ended up in Jagabandhu Institute. With the flow of time, people understood the importance of the Pide Walk in society hence in 2004 the Pride Walk of kolkata attracted a bigger amount of crowd over 200 people. From 2003 to 2023 the pride walk of kolkata has brought a massive positive impact on society. But the Pride Walk of 2018 was a remarkable one organized by the LGBT community and was particularly focused on certain things of the society which need to be changed like the rights of the other gender & several other taboos of the society which should not be treated as a Taboo.

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