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Top photography places in North Kolkata that must be on your bucket list

With the modernization of the people of Kolkata, Kolkata itself has also modernized with time and has adapted to the changes to go with the flow of time. The city of joy has always been a nostalgic and photogenic place for photography lovers. In every gully of kolkata, you will find a Photogenic place that has a story behind it, especially North Kolkata has some crazy places that turn the glamour of your photo into nostalgia with the aesthetic feel of old Kolkata and a hint of modernization into it.

These places in Kolkata are not as sophisticated as you want, but when it comes to photography the background, and the feel that the city gives turn your photo into the sophistication you need and make it and proper post on Instagram.

Photography in Kolkata is never complete without the yellow taxi, The roads of Kolkata, and the old buildings of Kolkata. The wooden doors and long windows of the Heritage buildings, the red-colored buildings The hand-pulled riksha’s of kolkata, and many more. What makes the photo more unique in the city of joy is that Kolkata has a magical role in the combination of colors which makes the photo more glamorous.

Here are some of the lists that you must try during a photo shoot in North Kolkata. These are some of the places in kolkata in which you can feel the transition of the city of joy from Calcutta to kolkata.

  • Calcutta Bungalow – The Calcutta bungalow is one of the most highly rated places in Kolkata in terms of photography that properly brings out a story behind the photo, especially the unique green taxi in front of the Calcutta bungalow and the old house just beside the Calcutta Bangalore will give you a completely different feeling of Calcutta and Kolkata in the same frame
  • Shambazar Deshbondhu Park – these famous streets of Shambazar a particularly known for the art on the walls, which gives the photos a unique sense of glamor. These streets of Calcutta are famous for the traditional artwork in attractive colors along with the painted old wooden doors and windows
  • Bagbazar Ghat – Kolkata is never complete without the touch of Ganga. Hence, to complete the photographic bucket list Bagbazar Ghat is a must-visit in terms of photographic places in North Kolkata and to end your photo shoot peacefully and blissfully with the touch of Kolkata’s signature mark.

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