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Kolkata komics karnival 4.0 / Kolkata Comics Carnival 2023

On the eve of Christmas when everyone is celebrating the winter season with their family and loved ones, eager to welcome the new year with great enthusiasm. Kolkata along with Christmas is also celebrating and unique festival known as Kolkata Comics Carnival 4.0. this is yet another festival that is underrated in Kolkata. The Kolkata Comics Carnival doesn’t belong to every age group but this festival is the city’s biggest comics and pop-up cultural event in Kolkata. The Kolkata Comics Carnival is happening in the DHONO DHANYO STADIUM stadium which is attracting a massive amount of youth to this place The Kolkata Comics Carnival happened on the 23rd, 24th, and 25th of December.

The youth enjoyed the Kolkata Comics carnival on the eve of Christmas, they dressed up as their favorite comic character and showcased their talent to everyone namely Iron Man and Loki Itadori Yuji, etc.
The Kolkata Comics Carnival 4.0 is indeed a nice initiative to rejuvenate the kids and their dreams because every kid has a favorite superhero character that they want to be in real life. The Kolkata Comics Carnival 4.0 provided the perfect platform to achieve their dreams. The Kolkata Comics Carnival has brought smiles to many youths to see their dreams fulfilled.
At the Kolkata Comics festival, the crowd and the people of Kolkata responded positively and kids gathered here along with their families to participate and enjoy the events this year at the Kolkata Comics festival, the audience encountered several comics along with some light shows with their favorite characters and some artworks of some superheroes. Along with this, several toys of the favorite superheroes are comic characters are available in this carnival for sale. You can buy your favorite characters here. Basically, we can say that this Kolkata Comics carnival is a Christmas gift to Kolkata. You will find everything under one roof from Tintin to Batul The Great, the hammer of Thor, etc.
The things that you can find in the Kolkata Comics Carnival
  • Bengali comics
Kolkata komics, comics metro, Kriyetic comics, Dhaka comics, Dev Sahitya Kutir, Patrabharati, Mayakanon, Parul Prakashoni , Ananda Publisher
  • Indie comics
Ark comics, bee Books, bullseye, Cheese Burger comics, Chaitra Ghata, Cosmix, holy cow, Maya canon, regal comics, Shakti comics, Swayambhu comics, The Right Order, Yali Dream Creation
  • Graphic novels
Marvel, DC, dark house, vertigo etc
  • Manga
Kodansha Comics, Akira, berserk, Death Note, Fist of the North Star, Hunter x Hunter, Junji Ito, One Piece, One Punch Man, Spy X Family 
  • Merchandise
Anime Merchandise, Funskool, Hasbro, keychains
  • Hot wheels
The entry fees for this Kolkata Comics Carnival are minimal. It’s ₹15 per entry so almost everyone can afford it. And the timing of this carnival is from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
(Thackeray Rd, Alipore Police Line, Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700027)

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