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A whole new world – Underwater Tunnel Aquarium of Kolkata

 The new underwater tunnel aquarium has been recently
opened in Park Circus, Kolkata
. This new
underwater tunnel aquarium has been designed on the basis of the Dubai aquarium
and under water zoo. This new underwater aquarium in Park Circus, Kolkata is in
the form of a tunnel, giving a stunning experience to all the visitors.

The Underwater
Tunnel aquarium in Kolkata, is open from 2p.m to 10 p.m for visitors from all
across the state and the entry fee is Rs. 100 per head. The abode to various
kinds of fishes,in various shapes sizes and colors, this Underwater tunnel
aquarium is one of its kind in West Bengal. Primarily this underwater Tunnel
aquarium is open till 27th November 2023, however if the number of
visitors increase, this time frame might be increased by one month.

The underwater
life has always been a fascinating mystery to both scientists and researchers.
The secrets of the depths have not yet been revealed by the best of scientists
from all over the world. And now that water is above us? Is it possible? Well
the answer has been given by the promising Underwater Tunnel aquarium in Park
Circus, Kolkata. Everything is visible in those blue depths if water. And
that’s why this Underwater Tunnel aquarium has become an instant hit for all
age groups.

underwater aquarium has been developed by the initiative of Uddipani club of
Park Circus, Kolkata. The chairman of this club, Mr, Gaurav Dhawan said that
after seeing the underwater aquarium in Dubai and Singapore, the though of
establishing this Underwater Tunnel aquarium hit his mind. And right after, he
started enquiring about how to make this show possible. After a lot of thought
and research, he found out that that Neel Entertainment from Kerala do conduct
these shows. However they are featured mainly in the city of Hyderabad. After a
lot of requests the team finally agreed to feature the underwater tunnel
aquarium in Kolkata. The organizers have also reported that the entire process
of setting up this underwater tunnel aquarium took almost three months. The
show was supposed to start during the Durga puja, however due to certain
unavoidable reasons, it was delayed by almost 25 days.

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