Naihati Boro Maa Kali Puja 2023: What Makes It So Special

Amid the ongoing hustle and bustle, there is an age-old tradition that has etched itself into the souls of Kolkata’s people. Naihati Boro Maa Kali Puja, a festival that draws both devotees and enthusiasts, holds a special place in the hearts of all who have experienced its magic.

The Charm of Naihati Kali Puja: What Makes it So Special?

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Jagrat Bo ro Maa temple in Naihati. Beyond the local district and state, a diverse community of Bo Ro Maa devotees has spread across the country and around the world. The Bo Ro Maa temple attracts a continuous stream of worshippers throughout the year, not limited to just the Kali Puja season.

According to the temple committee, the new temple’s construction will accommodate a larger number of devotees, enabling them to participate in rituals and worship. The installation of this sturdy rock temple has brought immense joy to all Bo Ro Maa devotees.

Naihati Kali Puja is a sensation, not just an occasion or festival. The apparent love and excitement that surrounds the town and brings in a large number of tourists each year is what makes it unique. In honor of Naihati Boro Maa, families and friends come together to create beautiful pandals or temporary structures.

Structure of Naihati’s Boro Maa Idol

The structure of Boro Maa’s sacred idol was marked by the offering of 100 bhari gold jewelry. A statue of Bo Ro Maa, standing at four-and-a-half feet in height, prepared from rugged stone sourced from Rajasthan, has been successfully placed within the new temple. The installation of the idol was accompanied by a thorough purification ceremony, involving the recitation of the Gita, Maha Mrityunjaya, and the performance of homam yajna.

This entire ceremonial process was conducted by three priests hailing from Benares, in addition to three priests from Ramprasad’s residence in Halishahar and four priests affiliated with the Bo Ro Maa temple, as confirmed by sources from the temple committee.

Tradition and History Behind Naihati Boro Maa

Naihati Boro Maa Kali Puja has a long history at its foundation. It began as a small, private get-together of neighborhood families and eventually grew into a huge event. The customs connected to this puja have been maintained and carried over the ages. And, they serve as a reminder of Naihati’s rich heritage.

On this special occasion, it is a tradition to donate eyes upon the passing of the respected mother. Furthermore, an Akhand Jyoti, an eternal flame, is planned to be glorified in front of the mother’s idol, where it will burn continuously for 12 years.

Although public access to the Barama temple is not yet available, the temple committee has officially declared the inauguration of the new hard stone idol of Boro Maa, which is scheduled to take place at 12:55 on October 29th, marking a significant occasion.

Plans have already started, and everyone is excitedly anticipating the exact puja time. The festival this year is expected to be more magnificent, bringing devotees from all over to witness the magic of Naihati Kali Puja.

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