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Nabin Pally Durga Puja: “Abol Tabol Sukumar Ray” – Theme of Legendary Author

Undoubtedly, Durga Puja is more than just a festival in the happy city of Kolkata, it’s an emotion that spans over generations. Nabin Pally is a true treasure among the numerous pandals that decorate the city during this festive season. Every year, Durga Puja in this place is nothing short of iconic in terms of enthusiasm, devotion, and creativity.

The excitement in Nabin Pally grows more intense as Durga Puja 2023 is already arrived. No matter their age, religion, caste, or origin, people from all walks of life excitedly await the big unveiling of the “Abol Tabol Sukumar Ray” theme.

This year’s Durga Puja at Nabin Pally honors the legendary author, Sukumar Ray, with a loving tribute by turning his fanciful universe into an excellent show. Keep reading the article and find out why Nabin Pally is a must-visit place during this year’s Durga Puja.

A Journey Into Sukumar Ray’s World

Abol Tabol, a collection of classic silly rhymes and stories by the literary genius Sukumar Ray, has delighted readers for years. This theme was selected by Nabin Pally, as a tribute to his brilliant imagination. The pandal brings the whimsical characters and tales from Abol Tabol to life like a huge pop-up book. As soon as you enter the pandal, a world of talking animals, funny limericks, and thrilling tales will surround you.

The level of detailing is really commendable. The walls are covered with beautiful paper-mache sculptures of Ray’s characters. The ceiling is wrapped with colorful fabrics that mimic book pages. All in all, you can’t ignore the beauty of Sukumar Ray’s universe again, feeling like a child once again as each detail sings the charm of Abol Tabol.

However, the attraction of pandal is not the only thing that keeps visitors coming back year after year, it’s the environment there. The air is filled with the scent of street food, and the rhythmic atmosphere is created by the joyful sounds of dhak (drums) and dhunuchi dance. During this celebration, families get together, friends get together, and new bonds are formed.

So, why should you visit Nabin Pally’s Durga Puja this year?

Particularly this festival brings out the best in Kolkata, and Nabin Pally is a perfect example of this. This experience is further enhanced by the cultural events and artistic performances. The entire pandal comes to life as the evening sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant lights, leaving viewers in awe at the magnificence.

It’s not just about theme, it’s also about joining a valued custom that has continued through generations. It is about experiencing Kolkata’s rich cultural legacy and the organizers’ tireless dedication. Furthermore, the purpose is to celebrate creativity, art, and community.

An outpouring of love for literature, the arts, and the undying spirit of Kolkata, Nabin Pally’s Durga Puja is more than just a festival. The “Abol Tabol Sukumar Ray” theme by Nabin Pally this year, is planned to win hearts, make people smile, and leave behind lifelong memories.

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