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First ever Durga puja themed Trams in Kolkata

Durga puja themed Trams

Kolkata has recreated its history to bring out the first-ever tram theme Durga Puja in Kolkata. This initiative is taken on the 150th anniversary of the tramways. The Durga Puja theme tram of Kolkata is a nice initiative of Kolkata to preserve its history along with its cultural beauty, the city of joy has given a new gift to the people of Kolkata on the occasion of Durga Puja 2023. The first Durga Puja-themed tram is an initiative by WBTC and executed by state and art India, Asian paints and Abin Design Studio. The new initiative is to preserve the lost pride of Kolkata trams along with the fusion of Durga Puja.

These newly refurbished trams have an awesome display of the states, art and culture on the exterior and an authentic Bengali interior. These Trams are scheduled to be running on the Tollegunge to Ballygunge route and vice versa. Usually, the trams of Kolkata have two boggy and the puja-themed trams also have two bogies. The first bogie is dedicated to showcasing hand paintings and artwork, especially related to Durga Puja and the second bogie features some exquisite cultures and landmarks of West Bengal. These puja-themed trams of Kolkata on polygons ballygun’s route will pay an extraordinary tribute to the cities, Puja, spirit and culture. It will also bring a unique experience to the people boarding it.
Durga puja themed Trams

If you look deeply into the interiors of the tram, the first bogie pays a deep homage to the artworks of West Bengal, especially to Kumartuli the idol makers and the porters in North Kolkata. It also captures the beautiful scenes of Durga Puja like ‘shindur Khala’, ‘dhunuchi nach’ which provide a sense of devotion and also attract the city’s emotions. The base of the tram is painted red & is also dedicated to the ‘alpona’ art of the city. The travellers or the visitors will also encounter some QR codes on scanning, It will give you a tour of the heartwarming stories of the Durga Puja and can also enjoy their tram ride, reading and enjoying the scenes through the windows of the Puja-themed trams. On stepping into the second bogie, it will give you a time travel of the cities, rich cultural heritage and the iconic beauties of the city of Kolkata. This section of the tram depicts some famous Durga Puja symbols and the evolutions of the people towards Durga Puja.

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