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Durga Pujo Inside the Tram Depot at Esplanade, Kolkata: A Unique Celebration

Kolkata, the City of Joy, is known for its colorful festivities, particularly around the much-awaited Durga Puja. This year, something truly extraordinary is happening that is bound to capture the hearts of locals and visitors alike. For the first time ever, the iconic Esplanade Tram Depot is prepared to present the beauty of the Durga Pujo celebration on its vintage trams.

In a historic moment, individuals from the transgender community were spotted adorning a Durga puja pandal within the esteemed tram ‘Chaitali’ at the Dharmatala Tram Depot in Kolkata. An organizer from the Puja committee expressed, “This marks the first instance of such an event taking place in the Kolkata Esplanade Tram Depot.”

Durga Puja On Tram: A Special Experience

The Esplanade Tram Depot, soaked in history and charm, is the backdrop for this unique celebration. With the city filled with the festival mood, Kolkata’s iconic trams have been beautifully decorated, becoming moving temples of devotion. Esplanade Tram Depot itself is a piece of living history, and it has been the home to the treasured trams since its inception. 

To mark the 150-year legacy of Kolkata’s tramways and the UNESCO Heritage recognition of Durga Puja, a special tram service has been introduced, spanning the route from Tollygunge to Ballygunge. Throughout its journey, this tram will travel iconic neighborhoods that host renowned Durga Puja pandals.

The exterior compartments of the tram are adorned with hand-painted designs paying homage to ‘Kumartuli,’ the traditional pottery hub in North Kolkata, celebrated for its skill in crafting Durga idols. These artistic portrayals also capture the essence of ‘Sindoor Khela’ and the vibrant ‘Dhunuchi’ dances.

A representative from the transgender community involved in the pandal decoration highlighted their search for acceptance, underlining the importance of empathy over sympathy.

The Theme & Attractions

Every year, Durga Puja has a theme, and the tram depot at Esplanade is no different. This year’s theme is all about the spirit of unity and diversity. The pandals and the trams are decorated with jewels and designs that reflect Kolkata’s rich ethnic diversity.

There is no shortage of attractions at the Esplanade Tram Depot Durga Puja. The artistically adorned trams transported you through the center of Kolkata, allowing you to witness the city’s unique pujo celebrations taking place there. The grand idols of Goddess Durga are housed within the trams, adding to the charm and holiness of the celebration.

Visiting the Esplanade Tram Depot during Durga Puja presents an exceptional and complete experience found nowhere else in the world. Here, you can engage yourself in the seamless fusion of heritage and tradition, where the past gracefully intertwines with modernity on the bustling streets of Kolkata.

Durga Pujo celebrations at Esplanade Tram Depot are nothing short of magical. It’s a chance to get a unique and memorable exposure to Kolkata’s rich culture and traditions. Come join us for this historic event and allow Kolkata’s trams to transport you on a journey of faith, customs, and unity. It’s an occasion that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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