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“Alpana” Art on the Iconic Howrah Bridge in Kolkata: Preserving the Heritage


A novel makeover has taken root in the center of Kolkata, where the Hooghly River gently flows under the majestic Howrah bridge. The narrative revolves around artistic expression, cultural preservation, and the intense feelings Kolkata’s people have for this unique bridge. Artist Sanjay Paul painted the art of the 2,313-foot Howrah Bridge with traditional “Alpana” folk motifs alongside 40 students from different art institutes. Let’s explore the world of “Alpana Art on Howrah Bridge.”

The Tale of Howrah Bridge

Often called the “City of Joy”, Kolkata is renowned for its unique cultural legacy and rich history. The Howrah Bridge, a feat of engineering and the city’s symbol situated in the center of this historical tapestry. Built in 1943 to link the busy streets of Kolkata with Howrah, a nearby city, the bridge, originally named the Rabindra Setu – stands tall.

Alpana Art on the Iconic Howrah Bridge

The 80-year-old Howrah Bridge has been decorated with Bengali “Alpana” designs by a group of artists in preparation for Durga Puja, giving the iconic structure a vibrant new look. According to various reports, the bridge has also been brilliantly lit with both static and reactive LED lighting that turns on after dusk.

Popular artist Sanjay Paul colored a portion of the 2,313-foot-long bridge connecting the twin towns of Kolkata and Howrah using folk patterns. These patterns are normally used in “alpana” art to decorate floors and walls in rural Bengal. The team consisted of roughly 40 students from several art institutes.

Additionally, the designs have been made all the way along the bridge’s length on either side next to the walkway. According to reports, the bridge’s entry and departure have two huge, 36-foot-round paintings decorated on it. Anwesak Dawn, a guy tasked with doing the fieldwork, stated that a few deserving students were recruited for the project from the Government Art College and the Garia Art College.

Port Trust and Croma Collaboration

This artistic makeover on Howrah Bridge was made possible in large part by Croma, a Tata Enterprise. The Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port Trust hosted the unveiling of the Howrah Bridge’s “alpana” painting. This collaboration has made it possible to combine innovation and heritage in a very unique way.

The alpana motifs represent the importance of electronics in people’s life and are more than just conventional patterns. This amazing artwork highlights the importance of technology in modern society by including electronic device-inspired elements.

Moreover, the fusion of alpana art and Howrah Bridge goes beyond mere artistic creation. It’s a tale of affection and respect for the building that unites the city. Sanjay Paul’s effort to decorate Howrah Bridge alongside 40 students is evidence of the city’s nature and its commitment to art, culture, and legacy. It’s a sight to behold and an experience that every visitor to Kolkata should not miss.

Come see the colorful alpana patterns on the Howrah Bridge and let your heart be touched by the history and emotion this iconic structure holds.

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