Monsoon of Kolkata – A Hidden Monsoon Tale of Kolkata

Rain In kolkata

Feeling really frustrated during summer? The definition of summer to the people of kolkata is a little bit different. In the summer season, the sun of kolkata shows its original glory & the heat wind gives some added spice to the season to make it more tasty. In the summer kolkata literally feels hot and humid. And literally, the situation outside becomes unbearable. To encounter the scorching heat, the people of kolkata comes up with several drinks along with some other measures. The shiny roads the traffic jams the crowded bus the busy bazaars makes everything more beautiful in the heat. But soon after kolkata get blessed by some clouds and saves the people of Kolkata with several heavy downpours.

In Kolkata when the rainy season starts it becomes pretty refreshing at the beginning of the season as everything looks new and the dirt gets washed off of everything. The people of Kolkata come up with several fried food along with some hot drinks to encounter the rain and to enjoy every essence of the first rainfall of the city of joy. The most fascinating thing is the view of the drizzling rain along with the vibes and nature. In every street and lane of kolkata, you will see very hilarious yet interesting things – people covering only their heads with small plastic bags, Kids jumping on the water-logged roads without any fear of getting cold and cough or even scolded at home, people travelling on rikshaw with a big plastic overhead, people running through the street to buy grocery from the nearest shop & also some intellectual people fully covering themselves to avoid the rain touch their heart and soul yet getting disturbed by the vehicles passing by them and giving a splash of the brown water.
The Rain in Kolkata typically lasts from the end of June to September and you can really enjoy the monsoon of Kolkata through several activities, you can definitely try any of these according to your convenience.
  • Photography Opportunities – The rain will make photos look extraordinary with the architectural background of the heritage of Kolkata. Photography is Kolkata & that too with the little drizzle makes a photograph session in Kolkata quite nostalgic.
  • Romantic Dinner– It’s the season to go on a romantic dinner date with your other half & enjoy your day along with the drizzling sound of the rain with some of your favourite food 5 Don’t forget to get a hot cup of tea or coffee or hot chocolate.
  • Festivals– Rath Yatra, Janmasthami, Ganesh Puja
  • Greenery– the leaves of the trees gets washed off their dirt, nature shows its original colour & everything looks lush green and fresh.
Famous Fun Activities For Children
  • Making paper boat & make it float on the water lodging. It reminds people of their childhood memories. It’s a must-do thing for the kids of Kolkata in the monsoon season. We can often see some small paper boats floating here if we go out randomly 
  • Look For a Rainbow it’s the most beautiful & fascinating thing in the universe after a rain 
  • Go Ahead and get Weight, we strongly do not recomend children do so as there are chances of getting several diseases during the monsoon season as children are prone to disease 
  • Play in the mud same applies to this also we do not recommend this as this may also lead to disease 
Famous food you must have with chai to enjoy the rainy monsoon of kolkata.
  • Pakoras in Kolkata you will get several types of pakoras, especially in the monsoon of Kolkata like onion, potato, brinjal, and green chillies.
  • Samosas The most craved food in the monsoon season of Kolkata, you will get the traditional alu stuffed along with masalas inside
  • Pav Bhaji though it is not one of the famous street food of Kolkata, in the monsoon season there are people who crave pav bhaji along with a cutting chai
  • Chaat it is not recommended for people especially in the monsoon season mainly due to unhygienic reasons 
  • Hot Soupy Maggie it is literally the National food of India especially during the rainy season, as it is liked by everyone irrespective of the age
  • Famous Bengali Bhoger Khichuri is one of our recommendations and a must-try during the rainy season. Hot khichuri of the aromatic gobindobhog rice with some local vegetables will make it awesome.
The Foods you must have to stay healthy in the monsoon of kolkata.
  • Green Peppercorns
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Probiotics
  • Ginger Tea(without milk)
  • Fenugreek seeds/Methi
  • Turmeric
  • Omega-3 fatty acids

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