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Victoria memorial history

The Victoria Memorial is an
aesthetic monument that is located in Kolkata, India. It was built during the
reign of Queen Victoria in India. The ideology of creating such a monument was
proposed by Lord Curzon in 1906. A well-renowned architect named William
Emerson started its construction and completed it in 1921. The constructed
building was inaugurated by the Prince of Wales. It consists of a beautiful
garden and fountains that add to the significance of the monument. It has an
impressive exterior that displays beautiful paintings and artefacts that make
it more beautiful. The statue of Queen Victoria is the ultimate attention seeker
for every visitor to that place.

Victoria memorial entry timing

The opening hours of Victoria
Memorial are generally 10 AM to 5 PM. The monument is the ultimate attraction
for many visitors travelling to Kolkata. It also consists of a museum that is
recommended to visit and know something about the history of Victoria Memorial.
Visitors are told to spend at least three hours in the museum to appreciate the
artistic work and history on display. It is also important to note that
Victoria Memorial is closed on national holidays and also occasions related to
Bengali culture. It is a unique and iconic structure that is the heart of
Kolkata, West Bengal. It embarks on its journey at the time of India’s colonial

Victoria memorial fees

The Victoria Memorial located in
Kolkata shows a glimpse of the rich culture and heritage in West Bengal. The
fee structure is quite reasonable for local people residing in Kolkata. It
amounts to only INR 30 per person. Indian nationals are generally charged fewer
fees. Whereas, foreign visitors have to pay INR 500 per person to visit the
monument. Entry three generally grants access to visitors for getting access to
the museum, gardens and exhibitions inside the building. It is generally an
excellent destination centre for lovers and couples. The students of
nationality in India are also considered to have a discount fee of INR 10 which
amounts to Rs.20 only.

Victoria Memorial Kolkata

Victoria Memorial is an iconic
structure that showcases an impressive cultural heritage and provides a glimpse
of the times when the British ruled India. It has an impressive library that
consists of manuscripts and journals related to Indian culture and history. It
has a sprawling garden that is manifested by large gardens and fountains
providing attraction to visitors of Kolkata. It is a good spot for photography
that provides unique opportunities to click pictures for the photographers. The
stunning design makes it a favourite place for photographers to invest their
time and click on some amazing and beautiful pictures.

How to reach Victoria memorial from sealdah, esplanade,

To reach Victoria Memorial, people
have to use public transport or private vehicles that allow them to reach their


       An individual or a group of people can
use the metro available in Kolkata. Couples or visitors can easily report at
Maidan Metro Station from where it is a short walk to the destination.

       People can also board a bus from the
Sealdah Bus stand and directly reach the destination at Maidan or Esplanade.
One has to take some short steps to reach the Victoria Memorial.


       The Victoria Memorial is located
near the Esplanade metro station or Dharmatala. It is a 20-minute walk through
the bustling streets of Kolkata.

       The people that do not like walking
can use public transport that is the bus. It hardly takes one or two stops to
reach the Victoria Memorial stop. People have to take a bus that is going in
the direction of Chowringhee or Old Ballygunge.


       One can easily hire a public taxi to
the destination Victoria Memorial.

       People can also take a ferry from
Howrah to Babughat. It takes hardly 15 minutes to reach the Victoria Memorial.

There are several convenient
transport options that allow visitors to reach the monument and enjoy the place.

Things to do around Victoria memorial?

       There are several things one can do
around Victoria Memorial. It has a very famous museum that consists of certain
arts and history about the past. The Indian Museum is one of the closest things
to visit after the Victoria Memorial. It consists of fossils, manuscripts and
ancient cultures.

       One can also explore Saint Paul’s
Cathedral which is just a five-minute walk from the Victoria Memorial. The
church has stunning architecture and worshippers come here to worship and get
peace. It is also located nearby The Victoria Memorial, Kolkata.

       Maidan is a big field and includes
many small parks within it. People come here to spend their leisure time and
jog. It has several cricket and football fields that are quite interesting to

       The Birla planetarium is an
educational and entertaining place to visit teenagers. It has projectors that
are enlightened and highlighted on the ceiling. It generally projects stars on
the ceiling that look beautiful.

       The Howrah Bridge is an iconic
landmark located close to the Victoria Memorial, Kolkata. It generally is a
great place to walk and enjoy the scenic beauty of the city.

       The new market has many beautiful
shops that provide teenagers with a wide range of accessories and clothes. It
offers them jewellery, a collection of shoes, wrist watches and many more.

       The Kalighat temple is located near
the Victoria Memorial. It is about half an hour from the place. The temple is
built on behalf of Goddess Kali. It also consists of beautiful architecture and
beholds religious significance.

Why is Victoria memorial famous among photographers?

The Victoria Memorial holds
impressive architecture that was designed by a British architect in the 20th
century. The photographers find it very unique as it consists of an impressive
structure combining British as well as Mogul elements. Victoria is famous among
photographers because of the historical monument that was built in memory of
Queen Victoria. It attracts a lot of photographers that are interested in
architectural design and history. It has a well-maintained garden that provides
photographers with immense opportunities to capture the beauty of the monument.
The photographers find a dramatic scene which highlights the impressive
architecture and intricate details that adds to the beauty. It looks more
beautiful at night as it is lit by halogens. Victoria Memorial is an impressive
architecture that highlights the beauty of the city.

Victoria memorial – a place for lovers & couples

The Victoria Memorial located in
Kolkata is a popular destination for couples and lovers. It is on high priority
due to the beautiful ambience. It has a beautiful garden that provides people
with a romantic environment around. Couples can spend time together and make
memories. Many couples enjoy the scenic beauty and take long walks to make
romantic memories with their loved ones. The Victoria Memorial organizes
different types of social and cultural events that enhance the romantic
ambience of the place. The Victoria Memorial has a romantic and serene ambience
that makes it a perfect destination for lovers and couples to grow beautiful
memories together.

Victoria Memorial Kolkata light and show timings

       The light and show timings of
Victoria Memorial are generally in the evenings. Different types of shows are
held from Tuesday to Sunday.

       The Victoria Memorial organizes two
different types of shoes, one is English and the other one must be Bengali. The
show starts at 7:15 PM. It is generally during the winter season that lasts from
October to February.

       During the summer season, the
English show starts at 7:45 PM. The Bengali show as usual changes its timing on
behalf of the winter and summer seasons. It generally starts at 8:30 PM during
the months of winter in Kolkata.

       On the other hand, the show gets
started by 8:00 PM during the hot and humid summer season. Both shows last 45
to 50 minutes approx.

Places to eat around Victoria Memorial

There are different types of cafes
and well-known restaurants around the Victoria Memorial, Kolkata. It offers a
wide range of food-eating services located near the destination.

       Flurys is an English breakfast
restaurant that provides unique bakery and pastries to visitors at their place.
The restaurant also provides a wide range of confectionery and cakes.

       Mocambo is located about 3 to 5 km
from the Victoria Memorial. It is a popular restaurant that offers a wide range
of Indian and continental dishes with great service.

       Peter cat is also a popular
restaurant around Victoria Memorial that is located hardly 4 km from it. It is
best known for sizzlers, Indian food and steaks.

       Bhojohori Manna is a traditional
Bengali restaurant that is located about 5 km from the Victoria Memorial. It
generally provides homemade food in a traditional way which makes it unique and

       6 Ballygunge Place is another
Bengali traditional restaurant that is located 6 km from The Victoria Memorial.
It is a family restaurant that gives customers a unique experience of Bengali
food and culture.

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