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Kolkata international mega trade fair – Divided by nations united by Trade.

Kolkata International mega trade fair is another side where you will see everything like handcrafted things, food, decorative items, light package food, processed food, and clothing & you will also get to see some special items of every country and many more. This year Kolkata International mega trade fair is happening in science city and this fair will continue till the 2nd of January, 2023. You also need to buy a ticket worth 60 INR to take entry into the fare. 

Don’t get confused by the word trade if you are thinking you will see some companies with exclusive trade and sort of that things. At this fair, you will get to see separate stalls for separate countries and each stall has a different tradition which represents their native country. We thoroughly examined each stall and here’s what we found. 
At first, we entered a stall from Afghanistan where we found exclusive dry fruits and many more such as traditional shawls handwoven Carpets and many more.

Then there was a stall representing Dubai, Iran, Egypt etc and it had a wild range of exotic perfumes and many lighting decorations and many more. 
After that, there were counters from Bangladesh, packaged food, processed food, interior decoration and many more. A full detailed video covering everything is available on our YouTube. 
At last, there was a counter of food which had several dishes from India but here we tried out nothing so we cannot share a review of that. 

Kolkata Tales Suggestion:-
If you are coming here to enjoy your day and to have a relaxing evening this may not be the right place for you, But if you are a handicraft lover and you also want to explore the rich culture, and traditions of different countries, experience a taste of everything in one place Kolkata International mega trade fair is the perfect place for you.
After spending hours team kolkata tales realized that countries May be divided by borders but united by trade culture heritage emotions and so much more & Kolkata International mega trade fair is an extremely good initiative to bring things together with unity.

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