Kumartuli – A place in kolkata where art meets culture along with tradition.

If you are from Kolkata you basically know the importance of Kumartuli to Bengal. The name is itself an emotion to Kolkata people. The First thing that sticks to someone’s mind when you speak of Kumartuli is photography, Art, Culture, Devotion, etc. It’s a place for every age group from young kids to go viral with some photography on social media to adults looking for some piece of art.

If We go deep into the meaning of Kumartuli it basically means “potter locality”(Kumar = potters and Tuli = locality), which is over 300 years old. It was formed by a bunch of potters who came to the area in search of a better livelihood

Situated between  Beniatola (Ahiritola) and Shobhabazar. Kumartuli is located in Ward No. 8 of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation

If you are thinking of How Can you Reach Kumartuli?

Bus: The locality is easily connected by roads as buses ply right next to Kumartuli. If you want to take a bus get off at Lal Mandir or Rajballavpur Bus Stops from where it’s a five-minute walk to Kumartuli.

Metro: If you want to take the metro, you have to get off at the Shobhabazar Metro Station and walk from there to the locality.

Train: The closest railway station is Bagbazar which is around ten minutes away from Banamali Sarkar Street. Local trains are always available from every part of the city.

Ferry: If you arrived at Howrah railway station and you want to cross the river to Kumartuli you can take a ferry and get off at either Bagbazar Ferry Ghat or Shobhabazar Ahiritola Ferry Ghat, Kumartuli is only a few minutes away from both of these places.

According to some recent news, kumartuli has become an international tourist destination alongside Durga Puja. The idols prepared here are entirely eco-friendly keeping in mind that the water doesn’t get polluted when the idols are immersed.

What is the best time to visit Kumartuli in Kolkata? 

If anyone asked us, I would answer during September and October. Mainly because at that time the idols get the basic structure, the clay idols without any paint are best to click photographs and also you get a chance to see the artisans paint them with their Tuli or brush. Some get annoyed if you go too near them but some are very co-operative and would also love to give you some narrations about their profession and art.

This Tram Tea shop in Kumartuli is a must-visit

A 40-year-old businessman from Kolkata  Madan Pal Started with a unique idea of selling tea in a tram with an aim to keep the heritage alive along with the essence of hot Bengali tea.

Places around Kumartuli

You can visit the places around Kumartuli to get a view of the grandeur of old Kolkata. 1. Bagbazaar Ghat and Sarada Devi Ghat: The Bagbazaar Ghat and the Sarada Devi Ghat located quite close to Kumartuli are widely used for idol immersion ceremonies during the festive season of Durga Puja.


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