Sweets – Misti mukh na kore jawa jabe na


From jhal muri to bhaapa ilish, Bengali cuisine is a dream come true for every foodie out there. The typical bangali bhodrolok ( Bengali gentleman) are a sophisticated lot who have always fascinated the finer things in life, be it music, film, literature or cuisine. Amongst other things like Rabindranath Tagore, durga pujo, macher jhol (fish curry), dupurer bhaat ghum (afternoon nap after having rice) and Victoria Memorial, us Bongs take immense pride in our huge range of ambrosial mishti. Sweets, besides forming a core part of delectable Bengali cuisine, are also very popular amongst people of all ages, across the countr and even abroad. Kolkata, the hub of Bong culture proudly features the best of every part of bangaliyana and this includes a wide array of sweet meats too!

1. ROSHOGOLLA – the soft, spongy round sweets, made of cottage cheese, soaked in sugar syrups are surely a mouthful. They are simply the icon of Bengali mishti and you simply can not miss out on them when you are in Kolkata.

2. MOHAN BHOG – a traditional Bengali semolina based sweet which has a rich and delicious sugary sweet taste.

3. LOBONGO LOTIKA – a scrumptious blend of maida, khoya, grated coconut, ghee, nuts, raisins, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg powder and sugar, this sweet is a crowd pleaser. The unique folding of this sweetmeat sealed with a clove is the striking feature of this delicacy.


BHAAPA DOI – a delicious blend of yoghurt and condensed milk, which is steamed to perfection and garnished with almonds and pistachios, this sour- sweet dish is best enjoyed straight out of the refrigerator.

5. MALAI CHOMCHOM – ah, an unforgettable rendezvous. Made with chenna with a slight hint of kesar, the lovely golden-brown delicacy with a rice dense texture is enough to blow away your minds.

6. NOLEN GURER PAYESH – a quintessential delicacy of Kolkata and any other Bongs during Winter, this thick milky goodness is made with, rice, milk and loads of nolen gur. the heady fragrance of jaggery is all we crave during the chilly season

7. PANTUWA – these deep brown sweet balls are deep fried and are served in any kind of occasion to win hearts so damn easily

 8. PATI SHAPTA – another winter essential which is a part of Kolkata and bong culture. Prepared during posh shankranti, the thin crepes of sooji, maida and rice flour with a delicious filling of coconut and jaggery are a must have. 

9. SHOR BHAJA – this deep fried sweet is made purely of milk cream. A tedious process indeed but a foodgasm is guaranteed.

10. MISHTI DOI – the Bengali mishti doi is a must have during any kind of occasion. This light, sweet and sour blend of milk, yoghurt and brown sugar, fermented overnight, is a showstopper  in any auspicious occasion or just as a dessert after a meal. 



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